How to change attribute options price value in product edit page options form.Options form should show the price value added with product price.If product price changes, options price need to automatically adjust with product sell price.

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You set the additional option price on the options tab at /node/%/edit/options where % is your node number. The help text at the top of the page explains how to set the options price. I don't understand your confusion - if this isn't clear to you then please explain your problem with a lot more words and with some images/screen captures.

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Thanks for your reply.

We have a requirement that option's price need to be displayed with the addition of product sell price.
Once attribute selected in product edit page,options form in options tab should display with product price.
For Eg: Product price 20rs, options price 5rs.
So Default price column should display 25rs only in product edit options form.
If product price changes those default price column also need to update automatically.

Please check the attachment for screenshot.

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Well, your first image shows /admin/store/products/attributes/%/options, which is NOT product-specific, so it makes no sense to display those numbers with the addition of the (non-existent) product price. That page just has DEFAULT adjustments for those attribute options, independent of which product they're attached to. Most use cases will have these adjustments set to 0, which they are by default.

The product-specific attribute price adjustments are shown at /node/%/edit/options like I said in #2. That page contains help text informing you that the prices are adjustments to the base price of the product. That is not going to be changed. If you want them to be absolute prices that can probably be done fairly easily by theming and/or overriding the uc_object_options form. The details of how to do that are out of scope of this issue queue.

In your last image, the list price/cost/price fields are not normally shown unless you choose those options - the place the product price is normally displayed is the bold text in the upper right. That bold text is called the display price. The display price DOES change by default when the customer selects options with different prices. If that's not working for you, make sure you haven't altered the default setting at /admin/store/settings/products under the product settings tab. If it still doesn't work, then you have a problem on your site. You can search this issue queue for ways to debug the display price.

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