Thank you for your contribution to Drupal and Paragraphs!

We started to analyze the Paragraphs ecosystem to gain overview and maximise the value of the energy spent. Read more in our blogpost with the call for collaboration

Proposed resolution

We should analyze the common part between Paragraphs and this very module. We will connect the element with the existing issues in Paragraphs or previous discussions. Uncovered areas should be identified and we should discuss if these should be subject of the Paragraphs “Core” strategy, or should stay a separate module.

Recently, Paragraphs introduced a new behavior plugin system that allows a new way of putting functionality into a Paragraph. You can see first related implementations at the EXPERIMENTAL Paragraphs Collection.
And a new experimental widget is right around the corner that will allow us to establish new patterns of interaction without beaking expectations for existing users.
#2837855: Offer a second experimental widget

We have a plan how we want to deal with the Add Widget
#2236905: [META] Nicer UI / Icons for "Paragraph type" + "Add another Paragraph"
And we also want to add type icons to Paragraphs
#2830016: Add a thumbnail/icon field to Paragraphs type

I’m looking forward to collaborate with you.

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

API changes

Data model changes


miro_dietiker created an issue. See original summary.

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Hi and thanks for your cooperation request!

Currently, Parade has these major features (bold ones should indeed be contributed into Paragraphs itself, or might be "common parts" of the two modules):

* Complete "pack" of reusable and common paragraph types, some of them was built for our client (e.g. Marketo Forms). - I think this will not be part of Paragraphs ever, because it really depends on the theme and the design of the sites. So this should remain in Parade.

* UI icons for add widget - Glad you are considering this. We will contribute to that issue instead, and leave our current solution until that is done.

* Image optimization - This really isn't a Paragraph related job, it should be handled separately. Our module will solve this in a way, that if Imagemagick and ImageAPI Optimize modules are installed, we use them in all our paragraph image fields.

* Paragraphs Preview modal, partly based on this module: - Not sure if Paragraphs is going to support this. Our version puts a "Preview" button next to "Edit" and "Remove", which will open a modal and render the current paragraph entity using the default theme's styles. Are you going to implement this in Paragraphs?

* Onepage bundle: Parade Demo is ought to create a translatable content type with a Paragraphs field, a multiple link Menu field, and Anchor fields in each Paragraph type. We think this will also remain in Parade, as it is more like a "feature-set" built on top of Paragraphs, and varies in different projects.

So I think currently the only common parts of the two modules are: Nicer UI / Icons and Paragraph Preview modal.

NOTE that the main goal of Parade is to provide a prebuilt feature-set based on Paragraphs, so sitebuilders will have the ease of creating onepage sites or just blocks of reusable paragraph types quickly. It is an opinionated solution, and Paragraphs is more like a "framework".

We're also going to create submodules of Parade to support more configuration for people. Such as "Parade Onepage", "Parade Locations", "Parade Marketo", etc. We'll make sure to post our roadmap about future plans of this module, which will align with the Paragraphs issue logs.

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Priority: Normal » Major
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Status: Active » Needs work