You can see the problem here in the attached images. In Chrome, the name is being printed as expected. In Firefox, the tokens themselves are being printed to the page. Not good. The text below and the image are also being generated via tokens, yet it is working correctly in both browsers. The name is being generated by two tokens of the same field type - this leads me to believe the problem is related to the field type.

The output is being generated by a View that is created like so:

Entity Reference: Consultant (a user role)

Global: View results counter
(field_consultant) User: First Name (Exclude from display)
(field_consultant) User: Last Name (Exclude from display)
(field_consultant) User: Bio (Exclude from display)
(field_consultant) User: Picture (Rewrite output)

Rewritten output looks like this:

<a class="popover-link" href="#" data-toggle="popover" data-content="[field_bio]" data-original-title="[field_first_name] [field_last_name]" data-trigger="focus">[picture]</a>

When you click on the image, the popup appears with the name above and a bio below. This is a Twitter Bootstrap JS feature.

[field_first_name] and [field_last_name] are both "Text Fields" added to the user account settings. [field_bio] is a "Long Text" field and [picture] is the default account picture you get with all Drupal user accounts. It is the two Text Fields that are playing up.

Does anyone know of a solution? Thanks.

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jaydee1818 created an issue. See original summary.

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We tried using same modules and approx same settings but could not reproduce the issue. Can you please brief about the other modules you have used.
Also please check your status report also.

please check the screenshot attached.


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ok thanks - I can see straight away that you are using Bootstrap 3. I should have mentioned that we are still using Bootstrap 2. Perhaps that has something to do with it.