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Read values from a CCK field. Write values to a CCK field. That's all this handler is about and that's all you need to know about this handler.

The DraggableViews CCK handler module comes with the DraggableViews module. If you want to use both the flexibility of CCK fields and Draggable table style plugin you'll need the DraggableViews CCK handler as a coupler.

Supported CCK fields

  • Order field: CCK Number Integer (Decimal and Float are not supported!)
  • Parent field: CCK Node Reference

How to configure my draggable View with CCK fields? (it's always the same)

  1. Enable the "DraggableViews CCK handler" module.
  2. Navigate to the edit-page of an existing view.
  3. Add the field Your CCK Integer field at the Fields section.
  4. Now change the Style-plugin at the Basic settings section to Draggable Table and enter the Style plugin settings.
  5. Scroll down to the Draggable Table settings and choose the CCK Integer field you added just before. Choose "CCK" handler. (that's actually the only difference to the native way)
  6. Save the settings. You'll be prompted to sort the view by the CCK Integer field. Save the view and you're done.

Simple lists

See "How to configure my draggable View with CCK fields? (it's always the same)".

Hierarchies with CCK fields (it's always the same)

If you want to build hierarchies you have to set the parent field. Use "Your CCK Nodereference field" and choose "CCK" handler (that's actually the only difference to the native way). The maximum hierarchy depth can be specified at Define the depth limit.

Pro's and Con's

  • - much overhead, because Drupal needs to walk through all the CCK functions whenever a single value gets saved (probably including security checks).
  • + highly compatible with other modules. E.g. you can make CCK order fields editable at the node edit form.

If you don't need to use the order/hierarchy values with other modules you should always use the native handler.

Here's a quick screencast on how to use CCK fields with DraggableViews:

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


yurtboy’s picture

I figured since there was only one node type and no tree setup that the top option was enough (see image) but I needed both.
Thanks for this help file though.

sevi’s picture

I'm sorry that I've changed the content of this page.
But I'm still interested in your issue. Do you still need both options with the the BETA7 version. It really should work without the type-root selected.

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i am trying draggable views and i dont find "DraggableViews CCK handler" module.
can someone that knows how to do this, explain it here.
i think this info is old.

//trying to answer one question for each one that i make.
//this way, drupal will be more friendly and strong

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It's a config option in the 'Draggable view:node' field.

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The links to the examples all are bad.