How to print the add to cart button in a custom content type template?
The add to cart button shows up on the default product content type installed with Ubercart, but doesn't show on custom content types.
I can't find an example node template file either, and all examples on the web talk about how to print the add to cart button in Drupal 7.

Looking a the code in uc_product, I came up with this:

$form_object = new \Drupal\uc_product\Form\AddToCartForm($node->nid->getString());
$add_to_cart_form = \Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm($form_object, $node);


This gives me an object in $add_to_cart_form but what do I do with it? Is this the right way to print the add to cart button in D8 for ubercart?


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You can't just add the add-to-cart form in a template to an arbitrary content type, that doesn't make sense. The content type has to be an Ubercart product content type, then the add-to-cart button will automatically show up on that content type along with all the other fields that are necessary for an Ubercart product like price, sku, etc.

To make a content type an Ubercart product content type, edit the content type at /admin/structure/types/manage/{name of content type}, choose the "Ubercart product settings" tab in the lower left of the page, select "Content type is a product", then save the content type.

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