Can you please document what's going to happen with this module related to Drupal 8. I'm assuming this module is either redundant and/or no longer needed but clarification on the project page would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance... !


holyfire created an issue.

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I think this module would still be useful, but you can survive without it.
It is pure convenience.

Recently someone told me they want to port it to Drupal 8, but then nothing more happened..

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Module page updated.

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Hello forgive my ignorance but i cant see anything similar to this module in D8. I need to mass delete a lot of menu items in D8 but it seems to only let do it all individually. Am i missing something? thanks

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Too bad, this is a great tool for site creation in Dr7.

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Ok, so if someone would sponsor me I would make an effort to port this to Drupal 8.
Otherwise other modules and projects have higher priority for me.

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Thanks for notice. Would be nice to have a call for Dr8 sponsorship on the Module page.