I have enabled the module for D8.2 and cannot find the options to add 'sort naturally' to any field, content type, view, contextual filter, etc...

Please clarify or add a readme to the module.

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naptown created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: D8.2 Sort naturally options not available within view, content type, field, etc... » Documentation needed for 8.x-2.0

Tldr; the alpha works only on titles much like the old 6.x-1.4 version did. Use the documentation from roadmaps and d7 version to work through the module as it is in flux.

To use: On the sort handler for content:title select one of the options from the dropdown:
sort ascending,
sort descending,
sort naturally ascending,
sort naturally descending.

Any options from d7 ui for word customization are hard coded to the d7 defaults for alpha1. This issue will stay open until documentation is written for using the d8 version.

Here is an excerpt from the project page detailing the expected ported functionality to d8.

Drupal 8

There is now a D8 branch and alpha releases that allow you to use Views Natural Sort on D8. Please see the roadmap for D8.

Alphas are not going to be fully featured.

Betas will be fully featured but architecture changes will happen to take advantage of D8 features.

Automated tests will be built for D8.

The roadmap states

# D8 roadmap

Cut an alpha after each of the following milestones:

Direct port of Views Natural Sort with Node Titles only with transformations as they are (a hook)
Add Text (varchar) Field Support
Add Entity properties (of type varchar) support

Cut a Beta
Change the transformations to a Plugin Architecture.

Given this is alpha1. It matches with the description

Direct port of Views Natural Sort with Node Titles only with transformations as they are (a hook)

The release notes for 8.x-2.0-alpha1 state

Release notes
Titles for Nodes Only. No fields/properties support.

There was also someone ask a very similar question over in the comments for the 7.x-2.0 instructions. Check it out below.

Hope thus clears this up for now until I get a stable enough release out with more instructions.

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I thought just in case you needed a screenshot to help...