The link in old issues about syntax highlighting seems to be broken, there doesn't seem to be a way to download the css and js file for the highlight button. Was it moved to another location? Is there a way to get the HTML syntax highlighting in BU editor?

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portulaca created an issue. See original summary.

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Attached an archive containing the js and css files. The code is old and may need a revision for browser support.

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Thank you!

I tried it and there are some problems. Styling seems very agressive, changing the theme background color and font, is that really necessary?

But that isn't the biggest problem, it doesn't seem to be very usable. Opacity with 0.25 !important seems to pop up when it shouldn't, and most of the time highlighting doesn't appear to be applied. For example on a node edit page with Summary textarea separate from Body, highlighting only appears on the Summary on initial page load, is lost after clicking away, and the Body can't seem to ever get highlighting applied.

If I play with CSS a bit sometimes I get the BU highlighted textarea to appear only when resizing the textarea.

Tested on Firefox 50 and Chromium 53.

I expect it's the js file that needs to be revised? I'm sorry I can't help there, not one of my skills.

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With the js button when I try to turn highlighting on and off, then focus on another textarea and try the button, sometimes i get this message:

TypeError: Argument 1 of Node.removeChild is not an object.