It would be nice especially for small business to update core easily.This could be done with update manager.
There is also another issue for this:



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Title: Upgrade core with core manager » Upgrade core with update manager
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I agree :) But what's the point of having this issue when the other one already exists? Just trying to get it some extra attention by promoting it in this issue queue too, I guess?

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True,to gain more attention.And also to become part of core,since the other issue could just become a module.

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Two issues have been around for a long time about this and have community support. So, in that sense, I don't understand why this proposal should exist. Both are technically blocked on #1538118: Update status does not verify the identity or authenticity of the release history URL. However, both issues have seen lots of comments and work, but are not close to a solution. In that sense, it may make sense to come up with a formal plan, here, for getting it done.