I found that modules and themes were not detected as enabled on a D8 site.

I found why and I will provide a patch for that.

The problem is in provision/platform/drupal/packages_8.inc, _provision_system_query(),

in system_get_info() of D8, there is \Drupal::moduleHandler()->getModuleList() and it

Returns the list of currently active modules.

So firstly, the active modules are not detected because they don't have status property and secondly we do not see the uninstalled modules.



Grimreaper created an issue. See original summary.

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Here is a patch that allow enabled modules to be detected.

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@Grimreaper I think you meant to upload an other patch ;)

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@helmo: Yes effectively... :)

Here it is.

  • helmo committed 6861a0a on 7.x-3.x authored by Grimreaper
    Issue #2832155 by Grimreaper: Modules not detected as enabled on D8 site
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Thanks @helmo for the commit.

Changing the issue status.

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