I have built a module that does exactly what the File Download module says it does, including using the same name, and I did so before I found that module.

As you can see the module has no releases.

I followed up the maintainer and left a message on their group board and emailed Gabor directly. Despite my efforts I have received no replies from the Media Group or Gabor but I have received one email from an interested punter who saw my post and would like to see the code published on Drupal.

I request to be made either owner or co-maintainer of the project page.




New Zeal created an issue. See original summary.

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Component: Needs maintainers » Ownership transfer
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Issue summary: View changes
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Category: Plan » Task
Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I am going to transfer the project on Friday if there is no response to your issue opened today. The post in the Group seems more than enough but let's see. If I forget this please set this issue back to active on Friday.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

Still no response from:

  1. issue on project page
  2. post on group page
  3. email sent directly to maintainer

Request ownership transfer.

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Status: Active » Fixed


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What happened to "Wait two weeks to give the maintainers time to respond." ? I just saw the issue about this today. :/

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Priority: Normal » Major
Status: Fixed » Active
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I intend to revert this maintainer change in 7 days if we can't come to a resolution.

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I have provided a response in https://www.drupal.org/node/2831655 clarifying the intent of the module.

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David Reid, what kind of a "resolution" do you have in mind? Do you have a working module? If so, then are you able to attach it to a post? If you revert the ownership, then are you going to post a working module this week, or wait another year?

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Related issues: +#2831655: Maintainer Request

Hi Dave, glad to see you responding.
New Zeal gave a good response about the waiting period in the other issue and I don't want to dive into the semantics of our rules here. After all the name space was effectively grabbed almost two years ago without anything happening. Moreover the namespace is not closely attached to the Media project but instead a generic one.

I hope you guys get this sorted out in a constructive fashion that benefits the community (= a usable module is a good start). Thank you Dave, for all your tremendous work and thank you New Zeal, for contributing your project back to the community.

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@dddave: I want to confirm with you, according to the process on https://www.drupal.org/node/251466, the first and only step that is really necessary is filing an issue that counts for the two week timeline, correct? I did not get any emails about this until last week and it wasn't until yesterday I was able to respond.

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Hi Dave,
I honestly am not sure this reading of the rule is as tight. I can tell you how I've handled it in the hundreds of issues of this kind I've dealt with over the last years:
If a project is not obviously abandoned (no commits for multiple years; maintainer mia for multiple years; only a D5 version; etc) I require that an issue is filed AND the requestee tries to reach out to the maintainer directly (via contact tab, IRC or Twitter). In most cases this all takes much longer than the advised two weeks. If a module is obviously still maintained I am not setting a new maintainer yet alone owner. If a project is well used and/or the maintainer is "alive" I mostly reach out to that person myself additionally.

However we do also have a policy regarding namespace squatting: https://www.drupal.org/node/709790

As an aside: On multiple occassions I've had requests for the take over/co-maintenance of one of your modules. I think in almost all cases I have been ignorant of the two-weeks rule and waited much longer for a reply because I am aware that you are not only a super busy drupal coder and project maintainer but also have two little children.

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Isn't this module doing the same as this module:

But this module is for Drupal 7 and has non-fixed security issue.