We have a website... this website is a marketplace where people come and sell various files.

We used ubercart to manage the file download part.
So the workflow is something like this...

1. The users come to our site, they publish their product and the file they want to sell as a zip file.
2. We then go edit product, add a new feature - download file feature - we select the sku and add the file in the autocomplete field. We save... and that's it.

Now this is ok for a small site, but as we're getting close to 10000 products, this workflow is starting to take a huge amount of time.

Is there any way to automate this? I'm not a programmer, I tried to resolve this with rules, VBO or tokens.... nothing worked.

Any help to ease this would be greatly appreciated... even being able to add the [node:field:file:basename] token in the autocomplete field instead of having to manually type the file name would greatly save us time.

- Daniel


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