Workbench Moderation has a new major version release of 3.0 as the previous stable release was 1.4.

There are about 10 commits added including the security fix:


Our current makefiles is the following:

projects[workbench_moderation][version] = 1.4
projects[workbench_moderation][subdir] = contrib
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2098151] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2099151] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2308095] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2308096] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2308097] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2428371] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2633456] =
projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2662600] =

With the following patches no longer needed as have been merged!

;projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2308095] =
;projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2308096] =
;projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2308097] =

One patch no longer applies so further work needs to be done.

;projects[workbench_moderation][patch][2428371] =
#2 upgrade_from_1_3_to_1_4-2428371-45.patch5.02 KBsylus


sylus created an issue. See original summary.

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Hosting our modified version of patch here whose only difference was to support our upgrade path quite a few releases ago. But for sanity will keep this check. ^_^

+    // As of schema 7009 all transitions are entities.
+    // Minor addition by WxT which used patch before was committed in 7009 rev.
+    if ((drupal_get_installed_schema_version('workbench_moderation') >= 7009) &&
+        (drupal_get_installed_schema_version('wetkit_core') >= 7406)) {
+      $transitions_are_entities = TRUE;
+    }
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Unfortunately 3.0 also introduces Drafty as a mandatory requirement... This could in theory break alot of workflows as it has been shown that Drafty still has issues with the Title module. This is not to mention using Workbench Moderation with Deploy.

There has been a request to create a security release just on the 1.x branch without the drafty addition:

#2826154: [META] 7.x-1.x branch fix to SA-CONTRIB-2016-060

The larger issue is discussed over here:

#2824607: Fundamental change in how revision works between 1.x and 3.x?

  • sylus committed 786cc58 on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Core for Revert Issue #2828635 by sylus: Security + Bug...
  • sylus committed df0e08a on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Core for Issue #2828635 by sylus: Security + Bug Fixes for...
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Discussions are ongoing about this in the META issue but a new release will be coming out shortly without the Workbench Moderation improvement until there is more time to test the potential architectural change.

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Update to Workbench 3.x also breaks the custom node edit form in page manager.