Hi Team,

First of all thank you for a wonderful COD distribution which helps me organize events in an efficient way. However one of my concern is as follows:

1. Event in COD module is a content type and all attributes for any event are tagged to this content type
2. Now I could have multiple events going on in parallel
3. There will be certain attributes which will be specific to only one Event say Event1 and I do not want it to be available to any other event
4. However the way it is currently designed , if I add an attribute to one event its gets added to main content type and becomes available to all Events (for the event creator)
5. Similarly if I disable an attribute it gets disabled for all events.
6. What I fear is eventually there will be numerous attributes which are not common and therefore should not be available to all events

I am new to drupal and this module so please forgive my lack of knowledge. Any view or way out of this will help immensely.



prachitripathi created an issue.