Tokens are missing after cron job completes,Clearing drupal cache also not showing available list of tokens. Once i reinstall token module does the trick but if i run CRON again problem exists.

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manjunathdv16 created an issue. See original summary.

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Running Drupal 7.22
I did an upgrade of PHP 5.3.3 to PHP 7.0.10
Token version is 7.x-1.7.
The tokens exist until I do a clear all cache, then they are gone (admin/help/token) and "No tokens available".
Does anyone have PHP7, Drupal 7 and Token working together or is this just a bad idea?

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Some of my tokens also stopped working after the upgrade to PHP 7. Also running Token 7.x-1.7.

I cannot replicate it locally, since my VM is running PHP 5.6.

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Adding screenshot of what I see on the production site. Why is this token for date blank? This is being fed from


The actual list of tokens is a lot longer:


PHP memory is 512M, PHP 7. I cannot replicate it locally. Cleared cache dozens of times on production. Only ONCE did I see the token list populate, however, it went away on the next cron / cache clear.