Per the referenced ticket, there is currently no existing method to grant file download access in D8 on order completion; ideally this should be a Rule and based on the D7 Rule that did this. I am about to take a preliminary stab at getting this to work in D8, ideally by a port of this Rules along, and will report back.

Marking as a 'task' and self-assigning for now.


1kenthomas created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: Method to grant field access on order completion? » Method to grant file access on order completion?
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(I have -alpha level modular code to do this at this point.)

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Using ubercart 4.x and d8. Have this issue too.

From the admin account, I am able to change the order status to 'Completed'. It is being reflected in the status section of the order in the user account. However the 'Purchased' Files section doesn't show the corresponding ready-to-download file.

How can I fix this please?

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sistasasi : there is no way to do this except via custom code, at this point. No permission is granted etc on file download purchase in the current -dev release.
I looked at Rules briefly and decided to implement the behavior via a custom module for my client. I expect to test more during the evening here, and need to push the client project into production. If you have a paying client, I'd be glad to consider sponsorship for whatever you need, else, I think this is going to be a few weeks or longer until it is generally available.