I've come across an issue on a site with three languages.
Those being English, French and German.

When you go to update a node and change the title which in this case is the field used in the path alias pattern for a certain content type only
English and French aliases get generated.

In others only French and German aliases were being generated.

Through debugging the issue myself I got up to the point that in the call to the _pathauto_existing_alias_data from the pathauto_il8n module to retrieve aliases for the language in which aliases aren't being generated that the aliases are getting deleted in a transaction that seems to run in parallel to retrieving the aliases from the database.

I couldn't determine whether this is an issue with pathauto or pathauto_il8n as couldn't determine where this transaction to remove path aliases for a particular language were coming from.

Feel free to correct me, point me to an existing issue that actually deals with the same issue as I have searched vigorously and have found lots of similar issues that don't seem to cover this problem, where the patches have had no effect.


fr3shw3b created an issue.