In a twig template you are able to get a relative path by using {{ path('entity.node.edit_form', {'node': nid }) }}. The result path will be in current language.

If you need to get the path in a specific language, you could use {{ path('entity.node.edit_form', {'node': nid }, {'language': language }) }}. But the value of language has to be a language object. Therefore you need to create the language object in a preprocess function and make it available as a twig variable. This is very unhandy, especially if you use twigs path function in a userdefined views view field.

I suggest to allow a language code like DE or EN as an option for twigs path function. What do you think about this?


pminf created an issue. See original summary.

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That sounds like a great idea. Want to put together a patch?

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That looks like a duplicate to me, thanks for spotting that @dawehner

Unless the author wants to take a different approach let's try to help that issue.