Does anybody know where the (the log in page) file reside? I got to help an organization to complete their website which seems have some missing files as I can't get into the Admin Control Panel. Appreciate your help!


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There is no file for that address. All Drupal paths are dynamically generated. The only "front facing" file is index.php, which is followed by a query string in the URL that tells Drupal the path. The path is translated into "clean URLs" that look and act like physical folders for better readability/usability and search engine optimization (using Drupal's Path module, or the add-on Pathauto module, which is basically a friendly tool for managing Apache mod_rewrite).

If you cannot access the control panel then of course you should request the login from the organization first. If they have lost it but do want you to gain access, then you could use Drupal's "Lost Password" function to recover it, if they have access to the email address associated with the account. If they don't or you have been given access to their hosting control panel, then you can go into MySQL (e.g. using phpMyAdmin), open the Drupal database, go to the "users" table, click to edit the user account 1 (which is the administrator), type in a new password in place of the encrypted old one in the "pass" field, and in the Function select menu in the "pass" field choose MD5. Press Go at the bottom, and the new password is encrypted and set.

Note: if you're not using phpMyAdmin you can "pre-encrypt" your new password to paste in to the pass field (the password must be encrypted), using a tool like this:
(this generates the MD5 hash you need the same way Drupal does)

Here's a quick way to do this with just a few quick commands in SSH, if you have access:

-- David

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Thank for your response David.
Yes, I have access to the database and all file so I can recover the user ID and password but I cannot log in to the Admin Control Panel because when I go to log it does bring me the log in page. According to the owner, it seems like the previous webmaster left the site unfinished removed some of the site not to let others know how to manage it so the owner has to hire him to do the work. So my problem now is I can't get into Admin Control panel though I have password. Thanks again.