Hi all!,

I´ve done a view with grid because i want to do a Gallery. Then i used the "video" module to create a content field called video.

I put 2 videos in the view, but the videos aren't responsive. You can see the webpage in the following direction:


In the other way, if i go to the content, not using the view, i can see the video responsive working right the fitvids module. It's a pity and i don't know what is happening, but i need the gallery so i need the view.

Using embebed video player or HTML5 video player in the field "video" in my view has the same effects. Not working the responsive way.



I think it is because of the grid system of the view. This is what is not responsive, and the videos couple next to another.

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Abdso created an issue. See original summary.

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Issue summary: View changes
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Was the jquery.fitvids.js definitely being loaded?

<script src="/libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js?v=8.1.10"></script>
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jquery.fitvids.js is in it's place, in libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js, as you can see in the images attached, so i don't understand why the module "fitvids" is not working for me :S

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Does clearing the cache help?

Also it can be useful to turn off JS aggregation while developing the site, so you can view source and see which scripts are being loaded.

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Thank you Derek,

I will do those tests. Now I uninstalled the module and i realized that the module was working for me in Google Chrome. It is very strange because it works in Chrome in my PC when i put the screen as a mobile screen, but in my phone it doesnt work.

In my PC with Internet Explorer Browser te module is not working.

I have to do more tests, i will clear the cache and i will try to see if the script is being loaded.

Thank you.