Hello UC,

I am nearing the completion of our migration from 2.x to 3.x and I've been struggling off-and-on with this for the last two weeks and finally gave up and decided to post here.

My Product Menu is as follows:
Widget material > Widget color

My Taxonomy Catalog vocab is as follows:
Widget material > Widget color > Widget size > Widget weight

When you use our product menu and land on the Widget color page, we have additional levels of the Catalog (not shown in the menu) with links and images used to navigate from within the catalog itself. (So the menu can only ever take you 1 level deep, the rest is done by following Taxonomy/Catalog links around.)

Issue: Currently using the following tokens in our URL alias pattern (admin/config/search/path/patterns):

The issue:
Consider this example full product URL:

If I generate an automatic URL alias I get the following:

It is dropping the parents of the Taxonomy path. I cannot for the life of me figure this out! I'd like the automatic generated URL to read out all of the taxonomy/catalog parents.

I've tried the following tokens in front of /[node:taxonomy_catalog]/[node:title]:
[node:taxonomy-catalog] <--- generates same output as 'taxonomy_catalog' I'm already using

and also the catalog:2 and catalog:3 options .... and ONLY the "[node:taxonomy_catalog]/[node:title]" portion works and I get the same exact auto generated URL (site.com/widget-heavy/widget-product-title) missing all the other parent terms of the catalog.

In Drupal 6/UC 2.14, I am using the following: [termpath-raw]/[title-raw]

The [termpath-raw] is all I've ever used on our old site and no matter how many taxonomy catalog terms deep a product was the auto URL always worked as it should, capturing ALL taxonomy parents.

Can anyone help me with this? I searched and couldn't find any best-practice or recommended path auto setting for UC 3.x.

Thank you VERY much in advance for helping! We are C-R-A-Z-Y E-A-G-E-R to get our 3.x site live! D7 + UC3 is S-O---M-U-C-H---M-O-R-E---P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L than D6+UC2! EXCELLENT work seriously guys!!



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Sorry for all the edits. I have a habit of posting first and then proof-reading (the Preview option just doesn't feel the same as the actual real live post :-P).