The combination of Global Redirect 1.2 and NodeQueue 2.2 is apparently very bad. If Global Redirect is turned on, the Views UI for nodequeue doesn't work (none of the filter options for nodequeue are visible). Turning off global redirect fixes it.


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That note SHOULD have said global redirect 1.3, not 1.2

Global Redirect version 1.2 doesnt seem to cause the problem - just 1.3

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I've just installed Global Redirect 1.3 and NodeQueue 2.2 onto a clean Drupal 5.7 install and I cannot replicate this. NodeQueue functions (or appears to at least) as intended.

I'll try to test out ViewsUI with it too... (I need an "active - in progress" status!!)

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Ahh I see - its Views UI which breaks in relation to NodeQueue..

Now whats REALLY interesting is it only fixes if you disable the whole module. If you rename the function globalredirect_init to something like globalredirect_inits so it doesn't get executed then the problem still exists...

This is VERY peculiar!

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Title: Global Redirect breaks NodeQueue » Global Redirect breaks views support in NodeQueue and OG

What's happening is this:

  • views sometimes calls module_invoke_all('views_default_views') and probably some other hooks indirectly from its hook_menu
  • OG and NQ include their views support in hook_init
  • GR calls menu_get_active_item() directly from its hook_init, which causes views to look for the hooks before OG / NQ have a chance to implement them.

One possible fix is to increase the weight of GR in the system table. This fixes the problem for OG, I haven't tested with NQ but I expect it would work there too.

The reason renaming the function doesn't seem to work is probably because the old stuff is still cached in cache_views.

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Title: Global Redirect breaks views support in NodeQueue and OG » Global Redirect breaks NodeQueue
Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community

I just spent an hour debugging and realised that the weight solved it. I then refreshed this page to find out you'd posted the solution ;-)

I'm gonna commit this as a 1.3.1 update. This will also fix another issue in the queue at the same time.

Personally I think it would be good practice to have ALL hook implementations in the .module file rather than in includes... But that's just me!

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

This should be fixed in 1.3.1 now...

Please note that an upgrade to 1.3.1 will involve running the update.php script. Drupal Administration page will warn you about an out of date schema.

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Yes, this seems to have fixed a bunch of problems with organic groups and with nodequeue. Thanks for the quick response.

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No probs... I broke it - I should fix it ;-) Plus its not like Views, NodeQueue and OG are particularly rare modules!

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#278469 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. Thanks for fixing this.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.