I have searched and found some similar issues and tested to see if there are any relationships between those and my problem but there seems not to be.

In cases where the "Browse available tokens" link is presented, clicking it will not bring up the tokens list, but instead brings up the site's front page.

I actually have two very different sites, both running Drupal 7.50 and Site B does not have this problem at all and works perfectly. Thinking the problem on Site A might be a theme problem, I tried 2 additional themes and had the same issue.

I'm prepared to look at other things as the root of the problem, however, the Token module was the logical starting point, so I'm hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction to resolve this.



QBMan created an issue.

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I didn't get this issue before.
Maybe you are using module jquery update and version jquery incompatibility. You should try change version jquery back to default drupal core or higher.
Please let me know if it work.

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jquery and/or jquery update not even installed in this site.

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The update to Drupal core 7.51 seems to have fixed this.