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Gotta update the Bibliography Module.

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#2456591: Drupal 8 port

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mgifford created an issue.

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Appears to now have scattered development :(

Paraphrasing the referenced thread (#2456591: Drupal 8 port)

Biblio proper
No activity, even with many users offering donations

Third party port, minimal activity

Bibliography & Citation


Active maintainers, and no recorded bugs, albeit only 31 sites report using it from 2,410 downloads or 1.3% uptake which is not optimistic... [Biblio is also low at 6%, but many more releases that count as downloads]

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Is this project essentially dead? I work in research at a University and a number of my users rely on Biblio on their Drupal 7 sites. I'm trying to start doing new projects in Drupal 8, but this is a hard stop for a lot of my users. Is there another module that I should be using instead?