One on-hover option that was explored by @DyanneNova, and supported by user testing, but not adopted in the final patch, was also "embiggening" the plus icons as you hovered over them to create additional visibility:

Plus icons grow in size as they're hovered on.

The UX team was nervous about adopting this pattern as a one-off in one experimental feature. This issue is to discuss whether this pattern makes sense to adopt in more places, and how/where we might do that if so.


webchick created an issue. See original summary.

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Issue tags: +Usability
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We need this at a minimum to have "embiggening" in the commit log.

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Not opposed to this in principle but if we do go ahead with it it needs to be an affordance that is not unique to this type of link, especially since contextual links are similar and will sometimes appear at the same time as place block links and it would be odd to have the enlarging effect on one and not the other.

My suggestion to unify these things would be:

  1. Enlarge the plus icon when the user hovers *anywhere* inside the place-block region
  2. Enlarge the plus icon inside the circle but not the circle itself and not the place block region. Limiting the visual effect to the icon will further draw the users eye
  3. Also enlarge the pencil icon in contextual links by the same percentage
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Issue tags: +sprint
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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Given that this module has been in use as experimental and no issues have been raised about this affordance i'm marking this one 'works as designed'.