When I go through the Paypal Express checkout, the order total is never shown (it should look like in the screenshot). In addition, there is no possibility to set a billing address anywhere, in fact, when I get the order review after the Paypal Express checkout, the billing address is blank.

Any suggestion ?


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The whole point of using PayPal Express Checkout is so your customer doesn't have to enter things like billing address on your site - that is all handled at the PayPal side. PayPal can also calculate things like tax and shipping, so that is additional information not available until you have logged into PayPal. Perhaps that is why the total doesn't show for you? But I'm not sure where that screenshot is from - are you already logged into PayPal? What I see when I click the PayPal Express Checkout button is a much different screen, which prompts me to log in or sign up for PayPal. I assume that once you have logged in then the order details, including order total, will be visible. That's on the PayPal end and of course that must be present in order for PayPal to charge the customer ...

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In attachment you have the screens about the steps I get after I click the Paypal Express checkout button.
Basically, during a Paypal express checkout process you can display all data you want in according to this documentation Customizing Express Checkout.

It would be awesome showing: quotes, taxes and billing/shipping address during the checkout process, exactly in the same way as now is shown the shipping address. All those data would be set on the business Paypal account by the merchant. At the end, they should be displayed on the review order page, right before placing the order.

This way, all the components that now still miss on the Ubercart module (such as conditional rules for the shipping quotes or additional taxes), would be replaced by the same ones set on the Paypal Business account.

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Any suggestions?

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The problem is that we have to return to Ubercart from PayPal to get the user to choose their shipping option (and also collect their company name, delivery phone number and order comment if these options are selected), and I think PayPal won't show the total because of this.

There is a PayPal API to allow shipping options to be selected in the PayPal pages but this is not yet implemented in Ubercart: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/express-checkout/integration-g...

The billing address is never sent back from PayPal, which is why it is blank on the order review page - they only send us the customer's name and country code.