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Steps to Reproduce:

1. Enable menu_block module
2. Go to Structure / Blocks and choose "Add Menu Block"
3. Click on "Advanced Options"

In my current project, based on WETKit 7.x-4.10, I am unable to select Advanced Options. I would greatly appreciate any insight and troubleshooting ideas! Thank you.

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adventurist created an issue. See original summary.

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Hi there!

I know we do form improvements for menu_block that is being added with ctools, so if you try to add a menu block via panels / display suite you see all options on the initial screen. However none of this logic applies to 'menu_block_add_block_form' so is just the default output.

I think ultimately this is the issue:

#2465437: FAPI JavaScript states not working

But I have provided as a patch below a temporary workaround that is similar to what we are using for the ctools way of adding menu block.

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Attaching patch. Ultimately should resolve the bootstrap issue though.

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I ended up committed this patch as otherwise the advanced options don't show in block add form. Thanks!

  • sylus committed f1ed944 on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Core for Issue #2789415 by sylus: Menu Block: unable to...

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