Last updated 1 August 2016.

In order to find out the operators of a given channel use:
/cs access #drupal-contribute list

Currently this returns:

[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	Entry Nickname/Host          Flags
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	----- ---------------------- -----
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	1     Michelle               +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 36w 4d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	2     webchick               +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 36w 4d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	3     lyricnz                +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 31w 2d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	4     litwol                 +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 31w 2d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	5     Crell                  +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 31w 2d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	6     davereid               +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 31w 1d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	7     jensimmons             +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 31w 1d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	8     heyrocker              +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 6y 31w 1d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	9     DamZ                   +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 5y 42w 1d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	10    ksenzee                +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 5y 42w 1d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	11    tha_sun                +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 5y 35w 6d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	12    Heine                  +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 5y 11w 5d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	13    xjm                    +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 4y 44w 5d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	14    merlinofchaos          +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 4y 25w 6d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	15    digiv                  +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 4y 18w 2d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	16    timplunkett            +Aeiortv (OP) [modified 2y 32w 5d ago]
[11:15:11] -ChanServ-	17    drupalircowner         +AFORefiorstv [modified 1y 44w 3d ago]