after upgrade to Drupal 7.50 bulk generator does not work :( I try to change some patterns in my contents, after I check suitable checkbox and try to generate but without results (no new url aliases...). Before in drupal 7.3 and 7.4 work normally. If I go to edit my content, uncheck autopath and check again then new pattern works but no with bulk generator.


kazaa created an issue.

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Hi kazaa. I can't see any issues with the bulk URL generation with Drupal 7.50, and I'm not aware of any issues that would affect this. What you've described sounds like you might not be clearing the existing aliases before re-generating them - changing the pattern and running bulk generate won't overwrite existing aliases, so you'll have to first delete them using the 'Delete aliases' tab then re-generate them with the bulk generator. Alternatively, for a subset of pages, you can use pathauto_node_update_alias() to update the paths in code.

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I'm seeing this also.

I've deleted all aliases, and run the bulk alias update, and it won't generate any aliass.


And it tells me :

All of your path aliases have been deleted.
All of your Files path aliases have been deleted.
All of your Content path aliases have been deleted.
All of your Taxonomy terms path aliases have been deleted.
All of your Users path aliases have been deleted.

Then I click bulk generate, and select all items.

And it runs the bulk process...


and it tells me a lot of aliases are generated.

And then I go look at a page, and...



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I could replicate this on a pretty large installation running on 7.50 with years of URL aliases. Changes to the patterns are not reflecting during 'Bulk generation'. New aliases are getting added only to those nodes that do not have an URL alias yet.
I guess it was programmed to be like that, going by the title: 'Select the types of un-aliased paths for which to generate URL aliases'.
It may be worthwhile to add a bulk generation for nodes that already have URL aliases as well.

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When I first started testing this I was seeing similar issues. However, even when I didn't delete existing aliases, I could change the patterns and then run "Update URL alias" from the admin view 'admin/content' and run it from there, which then generated the new aliases, with the new patterns. This worked as long as I had "Create a new alias. Delete the old alias." or "Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning." option checked.

So, do we even need "Bulk Generate" when we can just go to `admin/content` or `admin/files`and run "Update URL alias" from there, no matter if we delete the existing ones or not from `admin/config/search/path`? The only thing about this option is that you need to have the "Create a new alias. Delete the old alias." or "Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning. "option checked in order for it to work.

Another idea, more like a potential feature request maybe, would be to add some more descriptive messaging in the output message after an action is completed. For instance, if I just go to Bulk Generate and run it and get "No new URL aliases to generate.", it would be nice to get a bit more info, like why it didn't need to run, especially if we think it needs to run. Like others, I didn't realize I needed to delete existing aliases first. I realize it has a bit of info in the help text, but maybe adding some more would be helpful? I like this idea from #2235557: Bulk Update messaging lies. This patch in this issue gives you a reason why something didn't work. We could make something similar for this issue: "Bulk Generate could not be run because you have existing aliases that need to be deleted. Please go here and remove the existing aliases and retry." Or something like that. I'd be happy to try and create a patch.

My apologies for this long message! I'm doing the facepalm thing right now, as I can picture people reading this and thinking I'm crazy, but this was the best way I could explain what I was thinking. I hope I make a little bit of sense. :)

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Actually realizing that my last comment probably doesn't really apply to this issue. After coming back to it and rereading, I'm seeing that my comment doesn't actually address the issue from the beginning. I'm simply thinking about modifying description text, while others were legit not able to get bulk generate to work.

Sorry for my confusion.