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Media Mover is a set of modules which allows website administrators to easily create complex file conversion processes, using multiple modules to interact with a file.

The core of Media Mover is its API, the media_mover_api module, which creates a set of rules allowing multiple modules to interact with content. By defining a set of processes, Media Mover can retrieve content from defined sources, process that content, and then store the completed item. Common applications are transcoding video files to flash or web friendly formats. Media Mover can handle multiple configurations, file types, content sources, conversion types, and storage options.

Media Mover is a simple open API that developers can easily extend for their own purposes. Please see the API documentation for more information.

In tutorials section is Tutorial on how to post video from mobile phones into drupal with media mover.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.