Getting following error with cod version 7.x-2.0-beta1. Kindly provide a solution at the earliest as this module is to be used in production.

cod_email_error.png37.52 KBashutosh1629
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ashutosh1629 created an issue. See original summary.

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Can you give me some more details on how this error was found? What pages you were on, etc. I've seen the missing t error before, and is usually caused by a missing placeholder in the query that its expecting.

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hi japerry,

I got this error on mail system config page, after setting Site-wide default MailSystemInterface class to MimeMailSystem_DrupalPHPMailer. As I was getting base table t not found error, I created a table named 't' in my database for some time. Then I did cache flush. After checking the application for no error, I deleted the table 't'. Since then, the application is working fine as of now.

I think this is just a temporary fix to the problem. Please help in getting a permanent fix for it.