Show as expanded option doesn't work if menu item is created through View.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Create a view with page display
2. Save
3. Edit the view and add menu item. Under settings check "Show as expanded".
4. Save

Expected result:
item.is_expanded should be set to TRUE (can be examined through template for ex: menu--main.html.twig

Actual result:
item.is_expanded is set to FALSE

Also tried to edit this menu item directly through Administration Structure Menus and set "Show as expanded". In both cases value is saved but not rendered correctly in Twig. This only happens for menu items created through Views module, if I create menu item manually then it works correctly.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)
Issue tags: -views, -menu, -Twig

#2464077: Menu link overrides are lost after cache rebuild added config support for 'expanded' in views, which was missing before (that would explain the setting not doing anything).

Tested this against the latest 8.1.x HEAD and can't reproduce the issue, so I assume it was fixed. If not, please feel free to reopen the issue.