First, I'd like to congratulate your work. It's almost unbelievable the progress that we had in 2 days of your dedication on this module. Thank you very much!

Now a request (and I really don't know if I have to put it as a bug or a feature, since it's working but not in a good way)...

When displaying the node, the values of field are not ordering like the tree I planned before. Got bizarre orderings like 1-3-2 or 2-3-1 for a 3-level taxonomy tree, I don't know what is the standard (if there is one). Would it be possible to orderer the output to something like 1-2-3 or 3-2-1?

Thanks again!


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I'm not sure what you mean here… I think you're talking about term weights? If that's the case: yes, the weights are respected and that will not change.

Please clarify using one of the trees listed at the bottom of this page:

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No, it's really about the tree ordering. A example using your vocabulary:

Aston Martin
-Vanquish S
-3 series
-7 series

Let's say I choose BMW -> 3 series -> 325i (saving the lineage) and send it. When I go to view the node (display, whatever, but not editing), it shows me something like that:

3 series (2nd level)
BMW (1st level)
325i (3rd level)

I think that a common sense to be expected to display the data would be:

BMW (1st level)
3 series (2nd level)
325i (3rd level)

If I put the dropbox to choose multiple lineages, it mess all between lineages too!

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (won't fix)

The display of that data is un-hierarchical by default. It just orders them alphabetically... You'll have to fix that in the theming layer, I'm afraid. Or use a content_taxonomy CCK field and write a new (better) formatter.

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Hmmmm ok :/

Just a correction, it may not to be alphabetical... in one test of mine, a location field, I'm getting "Buenos Aires" (2nd level) displayed before "Argentina" (1st level).

I started thinking about a solution using computed field... If I get any conclusion, I'll post here.


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That's probably the term weight kicking in.

Using the computed field to solve it would be the wrong place to fix it, IMO, but I can understand you prefer that.