I am concerned about the status of Auto Nodetitles module. No code update since 30 september 2013. Maintainership was transferred 2 years ago to @blesss (#2242483: Offering to maintain Automatic Nodetitles), but I was not able to find any activity in the issue queue since then. Several attempts were made to port the module to Drupal 8 (#2380433: Port Automatic Nodetitles to Drupal 8) and have resulted in working code, but without maintainer cooperation, this will not succeed.

Is Auto Nodetitles module still being supported? This request is being made as suggested in the Abandoned Module Procedure


Sutharsan created an issue. See original summary.

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I have just sent a PM notification of this issue to blesss who is the current maintainer of this module.

For information: Several weeks ago I sent a message to both blesss and fago with a similar message. Fago replied that he transferred ownership of the module and was not involved any more. At that time blesss did not reply.

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Title: Is Automatic Nodetitles module still being supported? » Automatic Nodetitles appears to be unsupported
Project: Automatic Nodetitles » Drupal.org project ownership
Version: 7.x-1.x-dev »
Component: Miscellaneous » Abandoned/unsupported projects
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I have not received a response from blesss. Therefore I proceed with the Abandoned Module procedure to make the status of this module clear to the community. I have no intention to maintain this module myself.

Several initiatives have started porting this module to Drupal 8 including my own. Alternative modules are available too. See #2608660: [auto_nodetitle] Automatic Nodetitles.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I've changed the module and development status and have slapped a message on the project page. I have not transferred the module to the unsupported project user yet. Let's hope this project finds a new maintainer soon.

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Not sure a new maintainer is needed, auto_entitylabel does everything auto_nodetitle does and then some, includes plenty of fixes and is more sustainable.

I'd say just let it retire gracefully.

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Added a link to the replacement module to the message.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Component: Abandoned/unsupported projects » Ownership transfer
Assigned: Unassigned » beautifulmind

I would like to take the ownership of this module since there is no alternative available.
https://www.drupal.org/project/auto_entitylabel does not appear to be a replacement for this.

I will maintain this module, fix security issues, as they arise and will publish release in 8.x branch as well.


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https://www.drupal.org/project/auto_entitylabel does not appear to be a replacement for this.

What gives you this impression?

As stated above it has exactly the same features and applies to all entities, what is the point of maintaining a separate module that does the same thing, but can only be used for nodes, appears to me this would only serve to confuse users.

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The motivation was a release in 8.x branch.
But let's wait till there is a release in 8.x branch for entity label, rather than having a duplicate module.

Thumbs Up!!! :)


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Interested to taking this project over.

Deepak R

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Automatic Entity Label (auto_entitylabel) 8.x-2.0-beta1 was released 23rd of February 2017. And it works. I suggest that Automatic Nodetitles becomes/stays deprecated - and that the ownership transfer request is removed.

It makes so much more sense to contribute to improvements for the Automatic Entity Label module.

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Request for reopen.

As requested on the project page, https://www.drupal.org/u/deepak_zyxware responded here stating he is interested.

This project shouldn't die because there are alternatives. The community should decide which module is appropriate for their situation. The D8 version has been available even before the alternatives mentioned. The only thing stopping it is proper maintainer ship. Simple request to follow proper procedure!

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If anybody who wants to take over the abandoned project really wants it, the person should create a new issue (cannot reopen this closed-fixed issue).
But be prepared to make a GOOD case why this project is still necessary.

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Suggest to remove the misleading information then!