Configuration translations are lost, it looks like caches are not rebuilt properly when triggering the "Clear all caches" process from an admin page that is not in the default language.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Drupal standard profile
  2. Enable all translation modules
  3. Enable Spanish language
  4. Check out default options for language selection: using URL, /es for Spanish (Do nothing)
  5. Check out the Content / Add Article page in both English (node/add/article) and Spanish (es/node/add/article)
  6. Note: In the Spanish page field titles like "Body" and "Tags" are translated.
  7. Refresh all caches from the Spanish admin page, /es/admin/config/development/performance. It reads "Vaciar todas las cachés".
  8. Visit again the (Spanish) Content / Add Article page
    • * Expected: Field labels are still translated.
    • * Actual: Field labels are not translated anymore

Confirm it is an issue with cache rebuilding:

  1. * Refresh all caches from the English admin page, /admin/config/development/performance. Press "Clear all caches".
  2. * Go back to the (Spanish) Cotnent / Add Article
  3. * Note field labels are translated again.

This can be reproduced with drush cr too, though that is a bit trickier to set up, to get drush running in a language that is not the default (Apparently drush runs in the language of the base url, which may not be the default one for some setups).


Jose Reyero created an issue. See original summary.

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