The common source plugin used for XML, JSON, and potentially other textual sources is called Url, reflecting the assumption that they will generally be retrieved in a file-oriented way, and most often via HTTP from a web service. I'm not entirely happy with that and am looking for alternative names before this gets too widely used... A couple of thoughts...

  • File - I don't like that either, because if we use that name at all I think it should be for a source plugin designed for sucking up whole files (as opposed to parsing data out of files, as the Url source plugin is designed for).
  • Text, TextFormat, etc. - a bit better, because at the heart this is about sources which consist of parsable text, but still feels a little vague.
  • Your idea here...


mikeryan created an issue. See original summary.

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All I can think of is FetchParse. Not sure if its an improvement.

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How about ParseLink?

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What about simply "Data" (followed by TextData or SerializedData)?

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'Data' is simply too broad - all source plugins retrieve data, after all.

How about 'Stream'? This is basically about data being fetched via stream wrappers, after all (local files being implicitly 'file://')...

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Stream seems good as long as the documentation is clear. I wouldn't think to search for it by that name.

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It might be too late to change this now but why not FileContent?

Addresses the ambiguity with File and clearly distinguishes between migrating a file and migrating the contents of a file.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Well, coming back to this - "url" has been in use for a while without people seeming too confused by it, and I haven't seen anything else compelling enough to be worth the disruption. Let's stick to "url".

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The only suggestion I might offer is URI. But it isn't worth the time and effort. Leaving closed.