In Views it is possible to rewrite the output result of a field.
If choosing:
'Override the output of this field with custom text', I can read leading text:
'You may include HTML or Twig. You may enter data from this view as per the "Replacement patterns" below.'
What I need is some simple math, like a division of the actual field. In Twig documentation I have found that both division / and floored division // among other math function is possible in twig. Trying this in Views I do not get the right result.
I have an integer field {{field_ute}} that have 140 as output. When trying maths on it I get these results:
The math operation is done but the field value are always set to 1 regardless of what the value really are.
What have I done wrong?


chrotto created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: Math in rewrite result in Wiews » Math in rewrite result in Views
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I had the same problem. I'd tried many different variants and filters in "override the output" option.
{{ field_ute|number_format }} seems to be equal 1 (field_ute is the example here).
I got the same results by overriding default views template for fields using {{ field_ute.content }} inside a code.
{{ field_ute.content }} is displayed correctly, but it doesn't want to be used in math.

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I would argue its a duplicate of what @alex.rutz linked to. Thank you for finding this url!

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{% set name = field_ute | trim %}
{{ name*4+8}}
After that you can do any complex calculation.

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Just to add, you can also use twig in views field rewrites. I'm using it to do a calculation based on a field delta.

{{ delta+1 }}

Genius. <3 that Twig.