Is there a way to add a refresh button for the captcha image? so that i can regenerate the image without the need to refresh the whole page.


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interesting. Anybody got any advise?

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I you wish I can send you the source code. Mayby you will be able to put the part of the code in 5.*. It is based on Drupal Ajax.



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Can you send the source code to my email


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I have also face this problem. I have make some changes in image_captcha module and works fine for me.

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You can download the source code for captcha module from here:

Have a great day

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Suresh, thanks very much for your excellent modification to the CAPTCHA Image module.

It works like a charm and saved me the effort of doing this myself (as required by my project spec.) You should seriously consider creating and submitting a patch to the project (if you haven't already done so.) You might want to add an admin option to disable it, but I can't think of any reason why someone would want to.

One important thing to note. Be sure to disable AND uninstall the existing module before installing the new one. Disabling a module is already standard practice when upgrading a module, but I had to take the further step of uninstalling before the AJAX functioned properly.


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Although you are right to disable/uninstall a module before you upgrade. But in this case as there is no changes in database, neither it is dependent on any setting, so it is not really required.
What I suggest is, backup your existing module and replace with new one. It starts working fine and if not try reinstalling.

If you need any help, contact me, I am happy to help you.
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Hi Suresh,

May be you can document your code because it is still not integrated in core drupal and with a new version of captcha it doesn't seems to be working.