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Web Links provides a comprehensive way to post links on your site. All links are nodes, which can be put into taxonomies/categories and administered. The most common options are set by default so the module should work well right out of the box. However, there is a great deal of customization that may also be done to make the installation fit your needs. Additionally, a variety of blocks may be enabled (see below).

The Link Validity Checker feature will check links during a Cron run to see if they are still valid. You may have the module update any links that are marked as moved and unpublish links that have returned an error twice in a row.

A separate filter module (distributed with the package) may be used to easily insert links into other content.

Originally sponsored by The Chicago Technology Cooperative


The core taxonomy module must be enabled.

Other Modules
  • This module plays nicely with taxonomy_access/node_access allowing for various group and individual editing options. Administrators may also enable a "My Weblinks" page that displays which web links a user has submitted and what the publication status is for that link.
  • Image Attach can be used to add images (such as logos) to the links.
  • Taxonomy Image can be used to add images to the link groups
  • Taxonomy Delegate can be used to allow non-admin roles the ability to maintain the Weblinks vocabulary.
  • Views very basic support is available.

Category module appears to be incompatible with this module.

The Links module's database is incompatible and will not work with Weblinks.

Pages / Menu

Main Links Page

The page that will probably get the most use is the main links page at /weblinks. A menu item is automatically created for this page.

Some people like to customize the way this page is named and referenced. It is a simple process:

  • Update the menu title to be what you prefer, for example "Recommended Resources."
  • Add a URL alias pointing to weblinks, for example "resources.html".
Category Overview

The module provides an overview and basic maintenance page at admin >> content >> weblinks. A menu item is automatically created for this page.


A block is created automatically for every weblink group that has links within it (this includes subgroups). These can be enabled individually as usual in the admin/block page.

Recent links show the most recently added/updated links.

The Unpublished block displays Weblinks content that is unpublished, for example, by the validity checker or because the admin defined it as not published so he/she can moderate it.

The Random block allows you to have one or more random links chosen to display, for example as a "Featured Link." You may specify how often this may be updated and it will be refreshed at the next page build following that time (even with block caching enabled). Because of the way Drupal does page caching it may not be refreshed for anonymous users if page caching is enabled.

Each block has additional customization options.


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


ayaniv’s picture

is it possible?

NancyDru’s picture

Of course it is. Groups are really just taxonomy terms.

quickdraw6906’s picture

Not sure what is the "standared theme setting" that controls the display of the submitted by information. How do I hide the duplicate title and submitted by info?

NancyDru’s picture

There is a setting for Web Links to control the duplicate titles that some themes create. You will find it in the main settings page under "Link settings."

Submitted by is controlled by the global theme setting page where you select which content types get that. Additionally, if you use the Submitted By module, you can further define how the "submitted by" line looks.

Generally, you will find quicker responses to this type of question by posting a support request in the issue queue.

quickdraw6906’s picture

I was writing here because I felt the term "standard theme settting" above in this page was too vague. I had never heard this term before and was confused.

The Link settings fieldset on the page admin/settings/weblinks doesn't have any options to control "submitted by" slash extra title. Nor does admin/build/themes/settings (Themes --> Configure --> Global settings). Not sure what options on either page you are meaning.

I was able to fix my problem by overriding the node template by copying node.tpl.php into my theme directory (as node-weblinks.tpl.php) and culling it down to just what I need.



NancyDru’s picture

This is at admin/build/themes/settings:

And this is at admin/settings/weblinks

I have added the path to the "standard theme settings" verbiage.

quickdraw6906’s picture

Total Noob brain fart. Sorry for the trouble.

cakeconmoalboal’s picture

I've been trying to change the size of the link produced so that I can fit more onto a page. I have been playing around with the weblinks.css but none of the classes actually change the links for me.

I thought the best thing would be to redefine the h2.title class which seem to define the characteristics of the link so:

h2.title {
  font-size: 80%;

but no joy. I must be missing something obvious but a hint would be very gratefully received. Otherwise Web Links is exactly what I've been looking for so many thanks!

tracerul’s picture

If you have more links and more groups maybe you want to colapse all groups and show count links in tiltes of groups to see peoples if you have or not links in that group.I write here because it's not an issue.So I modify weblinks.module file ver.6.x-2.3 for my purpose.

line 810
 // count links in groups titles - tracer
    if ($new_tree[$tid]->collapsible) {
      $tracer = db_result(db_query("SELECT COUNT(nid) FROM {term_node} WHERE tid = " . $tid));
      $new_tree[$tid]->title = check_plain($term->name.' '.'('.$tracer.')');
line 817

Maybe will help somebody.

NancyDru’s picture

This kind of stuff belongs in the project issue queue as a feature request.

tracerul’s picture

I'm sorry if I was wrong, now I know what to do

greywolfsspirit’s picture

How do we get the popularity section to work? I've installed the module, set up my groups, posted a few links, and I've run my cron process and it still shows google pagerank and alexa both as never being run?

I also do not see a spot to vote on a link like your example picture shows...

NancyDru’s picture

The first question needs to be a support request in the issue queue. (I think it already is.)

To vote on a link, you need to install some voting module (Up_Down, FiveStar, etc.) and enable it for the Weblinks content type.

toutanne’s picture


Is it possible to rewrite the URL like instead ?

todea’s picture

When editing/adding links why is a multiline textarea field used for the URL rather than a single line text field?

NancyDru’s picture

URLs can be an unlimited length. Many of our users regularly have URLs in excess of 256 bytes. If you had visited the issue queue you might have found

todea’s picture

I'm somewhat new to drupal but based on your response and the issue you cited, I assume the type of field used on the frontend is tied to database schema? On a .net app, I can have a text field that allows unlimited text and it can be fed into the database as varchar(max), ntext, text without limitation.

For my drupal installation and user base, the multiline textarea field will cause problems due to users entering line breaks. I just noticed that the link checker functionality will prevent any issues involving line breaks, etc.. thanks

NancyDru’s picture

Yes, it will, providing it is used. The checker is optional.

A "textfield" may hold all of the URL, but will only show a bit of it at a time. A "textarea" is expandable by the user so that s/he can see the whole thing at one time.

Joseph Zhao’s picture


We are using Drupal 6 - 2.x

I may miss the configuration, could anyone suggest that the way that "insert unlimited link as a CCK field with the separate link title"?

We do like the way that the module manages the links, but while we try to put this module working as a reference section, it seems that we will have to find a way to add the link title with every link.

The idea is:

link title
link url

link title
link url


And title can be saved with node, then url goes to module hub.

Any suggests and thoughts are appreciated.