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Webform can send e-mails to different recipients based on the value of a select list, radio buttons, or checkboxes. To set up a conditional recipient:

  • Click the "Webform" tab on the node to list the components in the form
  • Enter name of field, e.g. "Kind of inquiry"
  • Choose "Select options" as the type of component.
  • Click "Add".
  • The "Edit component" screen appears.
  • Enter a Label and Field key e.g. "Kind of inquiry", "kind_inquiry"
  • In the field "Options" add a list of values.
    • Webform 4
      Enter a list of values as you would normally, such as:
      general|General information
      sales|Sales question
      technical|Technical question
    • Webform 3
      You must use the e-mail addresses as keys such as:|General information|Sales question|Technical question
  • Save your changes.

After the component has been set up, you now need to configure the e-mail.

  • Under the "Webform" tab, click the sub-tab for "E-mails".
  • Choose the component you set up to be the recipient and click "Add".
  • In Webform 3, the keys of the select component will be used as the recipients. In Webform 4, you may choose a separate recipient for each option as part of the configuration.

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