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Instructions for setting up Instagram Block for D8


The Instagram Block module can be installed like any other Drupal module. More information can be found here:


There are 2 things that need configuring, the connection to instagram and the settings for the block.

Instagram API

To configure the module with instagram it needs to be connected with a specific account. You need to be able to log into that account when asked to.

  1. Go to 'admin/config/services/instagram_block'
  2. Click on the link that lets you authorize your account
  3. After signing into an instagram account and authorizing the application to share your details you should end up on a page on
  4. Copy the details that you are given here to the settings page on your website (see step 1)

You can also configure your block settings on this page, however that is not necessary.

Instagram Block

  1. Go to the blocks page ('admin/structure/block')
  2. Select the "Place block" button in the correct region (don't forget to save)
  3. Configure the size and number of images on the block config page

Instagram Congfigure Block Screenshot

And we are done!

Instagram Congfigure Block Screenshot88.09 KB

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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This page reports different steps from the current module interface