Last updated 13 February 2009.

One of the best ways to help grow the Drupal project is to present Drupal to a local audience. You do not need permission to represent Drupal, but it is recommended that you post the activity publicly so that others in the community can participate.

Drupal is a popular technology, and adjacent technical communities are often eager to have a presentation on Drupal at their local meetup, barcamp, unconference, or conference exhibition.

Technical communities you may wish to target:

Industries which Drupal is popular with:

  • Education
  • Non profits
  • Media
  • Newspapers

If there is a local industry event then you might consider representing Drupal at an industry conference or presenting at local industry meet-up.


golchi’s picture

I want to represent Drupal in Togo but I do not know how to proceed.

I created a group on but it is not yet confirmed and I don't know if I can invite people to the group before it is approved...