Just installed aplha 4, and configured store, products and taxes.
But taxes are not being added to the price, not do I see a tax line in the checkout page.

any help appreciated


remco75 created an issue. See original summary.

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Small bump, Is this a known issue? or is the tax-module just not working yet? Would love to hear an update


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Version: 8.x-4.0-alpha4 » 8.x-4.x-dev
Issue tags: -taxes, -Ubercart

It's complicated. The tax code is being completely rewritten, but the intention was to keep the old code in place and working alongside the new code until the process was complete. See #2672628: Convert TaxRate entities to use plugins.

The old code is still there and DOES work - we have a bunch of automated test cases that show this is true, but unfortunately it looks like at some point the routes to the old code were removed so when you use the UI to configure taxes you're actually using the new code. Because the new code isn't used yet to display inclusive taxes or to show taxes in the cart or at checkout, configuring your taxes using the new code doesn't actually do anything, which is what you discovered.

I was not aware that the link to the old UI for taxes wasn't working anymore. The old UI is still there if you know where to look for it, but apparently the old UI isn't working either. So the only way to add and use taxes right now is programmatically.

I don't know if it's worth it to fix the old UI or to simply finish up the new tax code. I don't have time to work on this currently, but it's definitely something we've target to finish before a beta release.

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ok, thanks for the heads up. Good luck with working towards the next alpha!

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Hey @TR, just wondering if you could share how to programatically add tax to orders in a custom module? Thanks in advance!

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Hello TR! We need this tax module for our project in the near future. Can you tell me when do you want to finish it or how can we use the old code?

Thank you for your work on Ubercart :)

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Is there any way to get them working, either using the new code or the old code ?

Where is the link to the old UI for taxes ?


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A link to the old version would be nice. Or a way to get this working. I need the tax for my project. :(

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I have started rewriting this uc_tax module, and it will use the new configuration entity and plugin sollution. It will be finished next week. :)

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@david.czinege: Thanks! That would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing your patch ...

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Yes that would be awesome! Thank you!!!

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I have uploaded the patch here:

It is not ready yet, because i need your feedback.

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Hello David, did you make any progress with this issue?

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I really need this fix too. What's the current status? Any ETA?

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I wrote a comment here: #12. Nobody has tested it yet, so i am waiting for somebody, who can say something about my solution. So i don't want to work on it until somebody doesn't test it, because i would like to know, that my current solution is good or not.

Please try that uploaded patch and give me a feedback.

I uploaded the patch here:

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Hi. Was this added to alpha 5 or the current dev release? I am experiencing this issue too.

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Priority: Normal » Major
Issue tags: +beta blocker