I updated the script link which was broken so the comment can be removed.

Also, some of the settings it suggests to change in my.cnf strike me as odd. I'm no performance expert, but 800 max connections seems a bit much for a 500 mb system. max_connect_errors is also way too high... I don't feel I'm enough of an expert to arbitrarily change things, though.


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Title: Remove comments, also needs review from mySQL performance experts » Suggested my.cnf settings - should this even be in the handbooks?

I changed it to be less matter of fact but even still some numbers seem high. And as any performance/mySQL person would know, suggesting something of this sort without taking into account other factors could cause unexpected results! I wonder if this should even be in the handbooks.

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Alright, based on all the performance stuff I've been doing the past 2 weeks and lots of research I put in what I thought best. I still don't know that it should be there, but I made a warning apparent that people shouldn't blindly follow other people's server config settings. Setting this as fixed.

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Fair enough, and with the recent comment at the bottom asking for "expert review" I think there are sufficient health warnings now!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.