I just created some sub pages for a conference content type (about page and faq). However, when published they don't appear in the conference tabs, you have to create a menu link (by default on the main menu) for they to be displayed at all.

That is quite a problem, since that's the normal workflow of a basic page in Drupal. When I think about a Sub Page I expect it to be placed on the same level as the content links it is dependent on.

It doesn't make sense, for example, to have a page about the location of an event and the same page for another event or edition were the venue may have changed (the only idea that comes to mind is to deactivate the links each time or modify the original page, but then the user won't be able to see the info from previous editions or events).

Does anyone know of a solution or it's expected to be integrated in future versions of COD?


TanaHdez created an issue.