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DruStack is a freely available packaged distribution of the open source Drupal system. A collection of most common software from the Drupal community, DruStack provides a quick on-ramp to begin building Drupal websites.

DruStack integrated the development for Drupal installation. The pre-configured modules make you get a highly customized and total complete Drupal websites. You can get your own ready-made Blog setup by default Drupal installation procedure.

Features Highlight

  • Collection of 3rd party modules tested, verified and supported by PantaRei Design.
  • Pre-configured with commonly used functionality, including testing user account, roles, permission, input filter, WYSIWYG, and even more.
  • Integrated with frequently-used 3rd party libraries, e.g. CKEditor, HTML Purifier, Colorbox, Code prettify, etc.
  • Most setup managed by Features and Strongarm with drustack_* packages so you may rollback as default whenever required.

Getting Start

Standard Package

Standard Package include both GPLv2+ compatibile modules/themes/libraries as Library Packaging Whitelist required, plus TWBS related packages for Bootstrap mobile-first design integration.

If you are new with DruStack and hope to give a trial without any setup overhead, please feel free to try DruStack on, or simply download it and install as like as normal Drupal core.

Manual Installation Script with Drush

Full Package (-f) include all modules/themes/libaries within our collections, plus all patches for bugfix or usability improvement. Most packages are tested in version compatibile, which site builder can kickstart a new site without searching around popular projects.

Source Package (-s) preserves VCS directories, link .git, for all Full Package contents. A developer can get start with R&D and debug all in GIT style without additional overhead, correct tag/branch will also checkout for you automatically.

With Drush installed you may execute following build script directly for standard version ready for initial installation:

# Standard package for initial installation.
bash <(curl -sL

Script options may combine as below:

# Print help message.
bash <(curl -sL -h

# Full package for initial installation.
bash <(curl -sL -f

# Full package (with source) for initial installation.
bash <(curl -sL -fs

# Full package for upgrade.
bash <(curl -sL -fu

# Full package (with source) for upgrade.
bash <(curl -sL -fus

# Full package (with source, version 8.x-0.x) for upgrade.
bash <(curl -sL -fus -v 8.x-0.x


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.