I'm interested in taking over the ownership of the Answers module.

Using the contact form on D.O, I have contacted the current owner about this proposal, already quite some time ago. And also the user with the most recent commits. Neither of these 2 attempts ever resulted in any type of feedback/reply.

Please let me know if my request is acceptable. If so, what are the remaining steps to get it completed, if any?

Thank you in advance,

PS: if my offer gets accepted, of course with the appropriate credits to the former (co-) maintainers.


Pierre.Vriens created an issue. See original summary.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I've mailed the project owner. If there is no response wihtin one week please set this issue back to active.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)

I've added Pierre.Vriens as a new maintainer. Pierre thanks for offering to help keep the project going.

I've given you access to edit the Project page as well as manage releases.

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@amanuel: thank you for considering my request. In the meantime I've started working already on this things related to the Answers module:

  1. Create Community documentation, as detailed in #2685535: Create Answers module documentation.
  2. Create a (new) Answers demo site (since the previous one seems to no longer be online).
  3. Update some of the links (resources) on the Answers project page.
  4. Fix some beta-issues (in my own environment, and visible in the demo site already) I discovered in the 7.x-4.x-rc2 version.
  5. I've found a "sponsor" willing to fund part of the work I have in mind for this module.

However, what you wrote in comment #3 is not 100% correct: you are still mentioned on the Answers project page as the maintainer.

Would it be OK for you to become a 'co-maintainer', and make me the new 'maintainer'? As I also indicated via the "... taking over the ownership ..." when I created this issue). If not, can you clarify a bit what your own plans/ambitions with this module are today (about 7,5 years after your last commit to the D5 version)?

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active
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Yet another week passed by, no feedback about this (reopened) issue from anybody in any way.

To the "maintainers" of Drupal.org project ownership (like @dddave ?): any suggestions about how to proceed? Like do you have any extra means (communication channels) to get an answer from @amanuel (within a reasonable timeframe)?

Or should I just "move on to another contributed module"?

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My apologies, Pierre!

I am not sure why but I have missed your prior requests.

I am the current owner and would be thrilled to have you as a co-maintainer.

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Apologies for a bit of a naive question. Is there some action you would like? It looks like @amanuel has already added you as a maintainer?

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@chipcleary: thank you for stepping in in this conversation! Please read my last 2 pargs of comment nr 4 (I cannot phrase it more clearly, and to avoid repeating myself).

Also, "you" are NOT (officially) the maintainer, but a "co"-maintainer. Look at the top of the project page to see who's userid is mentioned there: @amanuel, can you see it?

Apart from that, can you clarify WHO (= you or @@amanuel) the author is of the first parg (in bold) on the project page. Looking at the revision history of it, IMO it is @chipcleary. If that's the case, then is it possible to clarify please if that (bold) parg is yes or no still valid.

As you may have seen on the (new) demo site, I've made some progress on further refining the latest RC release, though I've not pushed any code yet to D.O. But I'm stuck on a number of things (eg: can't get downvoting to work), so please let me know if "you" are available somehow (via eMail or via the issue queue around here) to get this sorted out.

Finally, if "you" still want to be the "maintainer" of this project (not just co-maintainer), then that is an answer to me about THIS issue. But in that case "I" think that YOU should become the official maintainer (mentioned on the project page as such), for the sake of the health of this (great) project. AND the first paragraph of the project page should be removed ASAP.

Looking forward to your extra comments/decissions on this. If you want, feel free to use my contact form on D.O. to eventually discuss this via PM-msgs.

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Hmm, let me clarify and see if that helps.

You are correct, I am listed as co-maintainer. Thinking about it, I've been a bit sloppy about my language both here and in the comment on the project page. I guess since I was the one primarily driving the project forward over the past few years (with some great help from a number of others), I fell into thinking of myself as "current owner" when my actual literal status was co-maintainer.

I did write this:

Module seeking maintainer. After some years of having fun while keeping this module up to date, I'm falling farther and farther behind. Interested in maintaining/advancing this module?

I will change "maintainer" to "co-maintainer". FWIW, I have not been stressed about the difference between being *the* maintainer and a co-maintainer. Over the years, I never felt constrained.

Realistically, I am not going to be avail to help out with issues in the near term. While I'm keen on the module, it's just not fitting in at this point.

Very excited that you are interested in pushing it forward.

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Status: Active » Closed (outdated)

Feel free to re-open this issue if required.