This is a tricky bug and not quite sure how to solve it at the moment, but right now the "main" role has been used more then once and should only be one element per document.

<main role="main" class="container mrgn-tp-lg">

The problem is handling when the main container should be rendered in the page.tpl or whether it should be rendered in page--panels etc. This contextual handling is the tricky part.

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Alright I believe I have this working now and shouldn't result in any breakage as it has sane defaults. In essence I added a bit of logic to page.vars.php that when a panel page is loaded and the panel layout has a certain parameter then don't inject role="main" into the template and let the individual panel layout handle that.

I have attached a patch showing the changes made to wetkit_bootstrap. In order for the role="main" to not be used in the theme templates and to have a panel layout override you will have to add a 'main' => TRUE, to hook_panels_layouts().

Can also see the changes here:

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  • sylus committed 0d14f43 on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Bootstrap for Issue #2681213: The "main" role has been used...
  • sylus committed d0e7d2b on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Panel Layouts for Issue #2681213: The "main" role has been...

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