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  • After obtaining the latest stable release of PHP, extract the archive to c:\php or something similar.
  • Copy php.ini-optimized to php.ini
    • Make the following modifications:
    • Change include_path to ''.''
    • Change sendmail_from to ''your@email.address''
    • Change SMTP to 'your.smtp.mail.service' If you don't know your smtp server, use the same configuration as your email client uses.
    • Change session.save_path to a temporary folder (''drive:pathtotemp'') and make sure the temporary folder exists.
    • Change doc_root to your preferred work folder (''drive:pathtofiles''). Make sure it exists and is the same folder your specified in the Apache setup procedure.
    • Set register_globals to equal "On"
  • Save the changes, and copy the php.ini file to your Windows directory.
  • Create a basic php file, for example test.php which contains the following:
    <?PHP phpinfo(); ?>

    and save it in your work folder.

  • Open your web browser, and type in: http://localhost/test.php. If you get the PHP information page, then everything is set up correctly. If not, just go over the settings again for PHP to make sure everything is ok.

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