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This page is for Hide submit module version 7.x-2.x. For version 6.x-1.x find that page.

hide_submit module provides a way to hide the submit button in forms after it has been clicked. This helps to prevent duplicate postings from people who accidentally double click (or triple click) on a submit button.

The 7.x-2.x version of this module aims to be extremely lightweight yet extensible to handle all additional features. If you have an idea for additional features it probably should be contributed as a sub-module and, if necessary, a patch to the main module to make it alterable (e.g. via a hook_alter or
theme_ function).


  • Hide the submit button after it has been clicked
  • Display a message and/or pre-loaded image (ajax-like animation or such) while waiting
  • Randomize images, upload your own or link to an existing image
  • java code can be loaded on selected pages only (like when adding or editing nodes)
  • Multi-language message support including RTL
  • Advanced help integration


Find instructions on that page


  • Installation of hide_submit module is very simple. Just copy the module to your modules directory and activate it in the admin modules page. It works out of the box using basic default configuration.
  • There are no module dependencies and no database tables created


Go to /admin/config/content/hide-submit

Advanced changes

You can alter the style of affected buttons by overriding css rules. The two
css style rules to consider are:

  • div.hide-submit-disable - for disabled buttons.
  • div.hide-submit-processing - for hidden buttons.

There are two hidden variables for the values of the css classes. You can modify these by setting a variable in the $conf array in your settings.php or using the drush vset command. The variables are: hide_submit_css and hide_submit_hide_css.

The module calls a hook (hook_hide_submit_alter) to let other modules modify the behavior of the module. This could be used, for example, to create a random image effect by tweaking the css styles on each page load.

The hidden variable hide_submit_status allows a site to enable or disable the module. This is most useful as part of the hook_hide_submit_alter to disable the module on certain pages.

See hide_submit.api.php for an example implementation of hook_hide_submit_alter.


Find instructions on that page
Uninstalling the module will remove the variables created by the module



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